Blue Economy


Promoting a sustainable and resource-efficient aquaculture in the Mediterranean

Smart Technologies

The SMART Technologies  include feed monitoring, underwater imaging and net cleaning. The technologies have been chosen accordingly to suit the key discriminating parameters assessed with the decision Matrix

Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)

The FCR is the amount of feed it takes to grow a kilogram of fish and is a critical parameter when determining the sustainability of aquacultures

Sustainable Aquaculture

Aquaculture practice which focus on environmental, economic, and social sustainability to improve capacity building and utilize land effectively for the aquaculture sector

Aquaculture in Tunisia

The farming of fish and seafood, is globally the fastest-growing animal-food-producing sector. In Tunisia, aquaculture is also growing, currently, producing about 23,000 tonnes per year, accounting for almost 18% percent of Tunisia’s total fish production.  


Under the SwitchMed Blue Economy component, the Blue Economy Aquaculture project in Tunisia will review and trial aquaculture technologies and operational best practices on a test site in Monastir to specify a baseline for advancing resource-efficient production standards and improving the environmental performance of Tunisia’s aquaculture value chain. This project aims to deliver recommendations and incentives that can up-scale the adoption of eco-innovative production methods for aquacultures in Tunisia and the Mediterranean region. 

The trainings

The objective of the training program will be to transfer the technical knowledge on the economic and environmental benefits of SMART Technologies to the broad aquaculture community to rise awareness on how to improve the operating conditions and reduce the impact of aquaculture activities on the marine ecosystem.

Online training modules will focus on the theory behind sustainable aquafarming, the environmental impact of aquaculture, SMART technologies and the benefits, and access to funding.

  • Theory: lectures online, either live or recorded
  • Practical: videos of practical activities at the pilot site
  • Training manual
  • Reading list (and downloadable materials)
  • Knowledge Acquired test sheets

Trial 1 : Fully Equiped – feeder+camera+AI

Trail 2 : Only feeder with sensor

Trail 3 : Feed canon+camera+AI

Control : Control cage

The Partners

Regional Programme

United Nations Industrial Development Organisation

Maltese Aquaculture and Marine Engineering and Consulting SME

Tunisian Aquaculture Farm

Tunisian National Institute of Marine Sciences and Technologies

Centre Technique d’Aquaculture

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