Hanchia Farm Visit

The project partners, INSTM, CTA and ABT and some farm technicians visited the Hanchia offshore cages. On board the vessel, the farm’s daily operations and logistics for installing the new technologies on the site were discussed with the farm technicians. We observed that the farming conditions were overall good.

After the farm visit, the team visited the Hanchia farm premises to meet the farm Director Souissi Med Amine and his Team. The ABT partners presented the project details and the technologies that would have been installed at the cage site.

The project aims to select, procure, install, and operate technologies, and monitor their ability to reduce the Feed-Conversion-Ratio (FCR) of the sea cage farming of Mediterranean fish species.

We believe that the integration of these novel technologies into offshore aquaculture pens is a crucial part of the transition of labour-based aquaculture activities to implementing high-tech and commercial-scale automated barges. Indeed, in this sense, the project has the potential to disrupt the whole offshore aquaculture industry.