We are glad to announce that AquaBioTech Group achieved a positive result for another essential phase of the project “Pilot project in Tunisia’s aquaculture Industry”, part of the SwitchMed project funded under the framework of the EU-funded SwitchMed programme and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

🐟Our Aquaculture Consultant Davide Sorella and Automation Engineer Jonathan Palombi just returned from a 3 days trip from Tunisia. The aim was to test the connectivity of two IT antennas from an offshore fish farm plant – distant 15 km from the coast – to the on-land premises. One of the two antennas showed the capacity to stream videos from up to 3 devices contemporarily, ranging from camera quality HD to 4K. Robust internet connectivity is essential for efficiently transferring data (especially videos) from offshore to onshore and allowing this project’s AI software and technologies to perform at best.

Now, the AquaBioTech team will follow up with monitoring internet connectivity over a more extended period, in different weather conditions and soon move forward with the installation and integration of the other technologies.

👉Stay tuned for more info!